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Why Export to the United Kingdom?

£2.3 Trillion

fastest growing UK population sector*


of Muslims in the United Kingdom are aged <50

$1.1 Billion

UK Halal Food Market

£91 Billion

eCommerce Sales In UK

About is a UK company that provides a business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce marketplace for Malaysian companies. allows buyers and suppliers to source and sell quality halal products in UK with ease.

We understand the core cultural business practices in Europe and will be a great advocate in giving personal business advice to understand the Halal market niche in the UK.  

Why Choose

1. We offer an innovative and trusted way for B2B companies to run smoothly and efficiently.

2. Only carefully selected certified Halal products are available online at our website and this gives a peace of mind for many.

3. Products on our website are from guaranteed buyers and suppliers.

4. We have strong contacts with Halal producers in the UK and worldwide.

Benefits of joining

1. We would be liberal in giving advice on which UK Government bodies to seek guidance right from the start.

2. We will assist to provide with UK market research data.

3.We will assist with introduction to logistics companies.

Halal is part of the Halal Street UK Global Group 

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If you are a Malaysian business looking to export your products to the UK. 

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